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The Hutton Family Of Marske

Marske Hall

Breeding of running horses at Marske can be traced to about 1700, when John Hutton [II] is believed to have acquired his Royal Colt and his Grey Barb. The Grey Barb was described as one of the Marshall imports (arrived in 1699) and was said to have been shared with Mr Wilkinson. The earliest mares are harder to identify, being known mainly from the names of their sires in pedigrees. A Byerley Turk mare (dam by Bustler) was bred to both the Royal Colt and the Grey Barb, establishing branches of family 8 that persist to the present. Another Byerley Turk mare (her dam a full sister to the Coping Mare, by the Selaby Turk – Mr Place’s famous white mare which he had out of Oliver Cromwell’s stud) bred to Hutton’s Grey Barb produced Bowes. There was also a mare by Blunderbuss (her dam the Old Thornton Mare, by Place’s White Turk) which was bred to the Royal Colt; this line produced the earliest significant winners for the Hutton Stud in Black Chance (1732), Phantom (1737) and Moorcock (1740).

The Manor of Marske was purchased by Sir Timothy Hutton (died 1629). From him, it passed to his son Matthew (1597-1666), and a series named John: John Hutton [I] (1625-1664); John Hutton [II] (1659-1730/1); John Hutton [III] (1691-1768); John Hutton [IV] (1730-1782); John Hutton [V] (1774-1841). After the death of this last John Hutton, Marske was inherited by a grandson of James Hutton, of Aldborough, brother of John Hutton [IV].

A description of Marske was provided when it was offered for sale in 1759:
Whitehall Evening Post or London Intelligencer (London, England), Tuesday, January 2, 1759; Issue 1996. To be SOLD to the best BIDDER, At the Crown and Anchor Tavern in the Strand, London, on Monday the 7th Day of May next, between the Hours of Six and Seven in the Evening, THE Manor of Marsk, and the Royalties of the Townships of Marsk, Redcar, and Upleatham, with a Freehold Estate, containing about 4500 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Grounds, well watered and wooded, and all lying contiguous: And also the Rectory and Perpetual Presentation to the Vicarage of Marsk; All which Premises, together with the Tythes arising withinn the said Manor, amount to the yearly Rent of 1655 l and upwards, and are situate in Cleveland, in the North Riding of the County of York, ten Miles from Stockton upon Tees, and three Miles from Gisborough. There are two Capital Houses upon the Estate; one a very large Mansion-House, with good Gardens, &c the other a very commodious, modern, genteel, Stone House, with Stables, and other convenient Outhouses, all new built; Gardens, well stocked with all Manner of Fruit Trees, Plantations, &c. There are several Fisheries belonging to the Premises, wherein upwards of fifty Families are constantly employed, and an Allum Work commodiously situated for making of Allum, about half a Mile distant from the Sea. The above Estate is supposed to be capable of great Improvements, from 1000 Acres of common Field Lands being, by Virtue of an Act of Parliament, three Years since divided and inclosed, and the Farms being continued upon ancient Rents. For Particulars enquire of Mr Winter, in Norfolk-Street, London; and of Mr Edmund Butler, of Essex Court in the Middle Temple; or of Mr Smith, of Marsk aforesaid, who will shew the Premises.

Marske Dispersal Sale

Item DD/BW/J/1 in the Doncaster Archives is an anonymous stud book, which internal evidence suggests was kept by or for Mr James Bland, breeder of Phlegon.

Among the handwritten items is a printed ad from an unidentified newspaper or handbill, for a sale of horses “late the Property of John Hutton, of Marske.” Since one of the horses listed as a 6 year old is Hutton’s bay mare, Charlotte, by Fitzherod, known to have raced as a 3 year old in 1779, this ad was most likely published in late 1782, or early in 1783. It further implies that these were the horses of John Hutton [IV] of Marske (1730-23 Sep 1782).

Leeds Intelligencer - Tuesday 01 October 1782 The same day [Tuesday last] died at his seat at Marske, in the North Riding, John Hutton, Esq.

After this date, the “Mr” Hutton breeding and racing horses seems to have been John’s brother, James Hutton of Aldborough (1739-1798). It appears that James Hutton conducted these activities on a much reduced scale, using primarily the stallion Young Marske (which he also advertised at public stud), two mares of Hutton bloodlines (Gentle Kitty and her dam the Dorimond Mare), plus Serina (sister to Fleacatcher) bred by Mr Douglas. He also advertised in 1793 and 1794 a stallion called Black Prince (late Robertson's Leviathan); this horse was offered for sale in 1794, so might be the same as the Black Prince imported to America about 1798.

The list of 30 horses for sale offers a rare glimpse into the Hutton Stud, which existed for the better part of 100 years. Some breeding records of this Stud appear to have existed as late as 1801 when, according to Pick (vol. 1 of his Turf Register, 1803; p 160), E Geldard copied the pedigree of Marske (sire of Eclipse). Otherwise, Hutton-bred horses prove remarkably elusive. By the time of the publication of the introductory volume of the General Stud Book in 1791, the stud at Marske was inactive. Of the many earlier generations of race horses bred there, only a few had their pedigrees publicized at the time they raced; and in the Hutton pedigrees that did find their way into GSB, most of the mares are undated, un-named, and undoubtedly listed with only partial produce records.

[GSB, unless otherwise qualified refers to Volume One, 5th edition (1891)].

To be Sold, The following well-bred HORSES, MARES, and FILLIES, late the Property of JOHN HUTTON, of Marske, in the North-Riding of the County of York, Esq; deceased:
No. 1. A BAY MARE, by Match'em, aged, with a Bay Colt-Foal at her Foot, by Marske. Covered by ditto.
2. A Bay Mare, called Ferrett, aged, got by a Son of Old Cade; Dam by Regulus, with a Colt-Foal at her Foot, by Marske. Covered by ditto.
3. A Roan Mare, six Years old, by Sylvio, dam by Regulus, with a Colt Foal at her Foot, by Marske. Covered by ditto.
4. A Bay Mare, called Charlotte, by Fitzherod, six Years old, with a Colt-Foal at her Foot, by Marske.
5. A Bay Mare, got by Bay-Ranger, aged, Dam, by Regulus, with a Filly-Foal at her Foot, by Marske. Covered by ditto.
6. A Chesnut Mare, called Gentle Kitty, by Sylvio, aged, Dam by Dorrimont, with a Filly-Foal at her Foot, by Marske. Covered by ditto.
7. A Bay Mare, five Years old, by Arbitrator, Dam by Old Cade, which was the dam of Stroud's Ranger, with a Filly-Foal at her Foot, by Marske.
8. A Grey Mare, by a Son of Old Cade, Dam by Spot, aged, with a Filly-Foal at her Foot, by Marske.
9. A Chesnut Mare, called Tulip, by Sylvio, aged, Dam by Wilson's Arabian. Covered by Marske.
10. A Bay Mare, by Dormouse, aged, Dam by Regulus. Covered by Marske.
11. A Bay Mare, six Years old, by Chatsworth, Dam by Old Cade. Covered by Marske.
12. A Grey Mare, called Lardella, aged. Covered by Marske.
13. A Bay Filly, by Marske, four Years old, Dam by Old Cade.
14. A Bay Colt, four Years old, by Marske, Dam by Regulus.
15. A Bay Colt, three Years old, by Marske, Dam by Old Match'em.
16. A Chesnut Colt, three Years old, by Marske, Dam by Old Cade, which was the dam of Stroud's Ranger.
17. A Bay Colt, two Years old, by Marske, dam by Regulus.
18. A Chesnut Colt, two Years old, by Marske, Dam by Bay Ranger.
19. A Bay Colt, two Years old, by Marske, Dam by Bay Ranger.
20. A Bay Colt, two Years old, by Marske, Dam by Sylvio.
21. A Chesnut Colt, one Year old, by Fitzherod, Dam by Dormouse.
22. A Bay Filly, two Years old, by Marske, dam by Sylvio.
23. A Bay Filly, two Years old, by Marske, dam by Old Match'em.
24. A Bay Filly, two Years old, by Marske, Dam by Old Cade.
25. A Roan Filly, two Years old, by Negotiator, out of Lardella.
26. A Bay Filly, one Year old, by Amaranthus, dam by Sylvio.
27. A Grey Filly, one Year old, by Papist, dam by Regulus.
28. A Stallion, called Papist, aged, by Old Match'em, out of a natural Barb Mare.
29. A Stallion, called Slapdash, aged, by Lot; Dam by Rib; Grandam by Regulus; his Great Grandam by Old Crab, which was the Mare called Black-Eyes, was bred by the noted Mr Routh; Black-Eyes' dam was got by Old Snake; her Grandam by the Bald Galloway; her Great Grandam by Lord Carlisle's Turk; her Great Great Grandam by Old Hautboy.
30. A Stallion, called Valentine, aged, by Chesnut-Ranger, Dam by Old Cade.
☛ The above Horses may be seen at Marske, near Richmond; in the County of York.


This list includes 3 stallions, only one of whom (Papist) had produce listed in the sale (a one year old grey filly). The main stallion in use, Young Marske, was not included in the sale: Hutton family correspondence in the North Yorkshire Archives indicates that Young Marske, although in John Hutton’s possession, was owned by James Hutton. James advertised Young Marske beginning in late 1782. He was last advertised in 1796 and his last definitely dated foal was in 1797, although he lived several more years, his death being noted:

Chester Chronicle - Friday 07 November 1800 On Tuesday se’nnight died at Ald-borgh-Hall, near Masham, at the great age of thirty one, Young Marsk, the sire of so many capital Racers, and the property of the late James Hutton, Esq. deceased.

As mentioned above, James Hutton was already dead.
Newcastle Courant. / No. 6336. / Saturday, March 17, 1798. NEWCASTLE, MARCH 17. Died. ... - On Friday se'nnight, at Aldburgh, near Masham, James Hutton, Esq.

It looks as if the stud continued for a brief period after James’s death since Mr Hutton’s Gentle Kitty continued to be bred, having her last foal “by a country stallion” in 1802 at the age of 28. Mrs Hutton was listed as owner of Smiling Peggy in 1798 (Pick, 1798 Sportsman & Breeder’s Vade Mecum). Also, according to Pick (Turf Register, ii, 1805; p 485) Young Marske died “the property of Mrs Hutton.” Mrs Hutton died in 1803, bringing to a close the long line of Thoroughbreds bred by the Hutton family of Marske.

Newcastle Courant. Sat 2 Apr 1803. Died. The 11th ult at Aldburgh, near Masham, Mrs Hutton, relict of the late James Hutton, Esq.


There were 12 mares which had foals at foot and/or had been covered by Young Marske for 1783 foals. Another 4 or 5 mares are mentioned as dams of the young stock, that are not themselves included in the sales list: these mares were by Bay Ranger, Old Cade, Regulus, and Silvio.

No. 1. Bay mare by Match’em, with a bay colt by [Young] Marske and covered by him again.

This was probably the 1768 bay mare by Match’em that Mr Hutton raced 1772-1774. She started 10 times, winning only once (£50 at Durham in July 1773). This mare is entered in GSB (first entry in the 1891 edition) as –

Bred by Mr R SHAFTO, her dam by Tarquin, or brother to Tarquin – sister to Antelope [by] Young Belgrade – Scarboro’ Colt – Bartlet’s Childers.

NOTE: it seems likely that this mare's dam was got by Tarquin. According to information in Lord Rockingham's records [WWM/R193/34a; Sheffield Archives], the brothers to Tarquin were Alfred (raced in Ireland and advertised there in 1760) and Lord Rockingham's Godolphin Hunter. The Godolphin Hunter, as far as is now known, was a private stallion in Lord Rockingham's Stud, where he had known foals from about 1757 to 1763. Tarquin was advertised at public stud for at least the years 1751-1758. In addition the only known source to name this mare's dam-sire as "Tarquin's brother" was Mr Tattersall in two advertisements in 1789 and 1790. Other sources (advertisements for Telemachus and Apollo as well as pedigrees in Pick's calendars) gave Tarquin. The most authoritative source must be Sir C Monck, who bought one of this mare's fillies by Young Marske, and showed the Editor of GSB (iii, 3d ed, 1855; p 95) a certificate given him at the time of purchase, naming Tarquin.

This mare’s record should be revised to include her produce from the sales list, as well as another colt advertised for sale in 1789 (The Morning Post, and Daily Advertiser. No. 4957. 16 Feb 1789). The mare herself was also advertised for sale by Mr Tattersall in 1789 covered by Drone (English Chronicle or Universal Evening Post, Thursday, October 22, 1789; Issue 1575.) and 1790 covered by Highflyer (English Chronicle or Universal Evening Post, Thursday, June 17, 1790; Issue 1677.)

1779 b c by Young Marske (No. 15) … John Hutton, Esq;
1780 b f by ditto … John Hutton, Esq; (No. 23) [dam of HAMBLETONIAN MARE (1804)]
1782 b c by ditto (with No. 1) … Sir J Webb 1783 f by ditto … Sir J Webb [⇒ GSB p 316]
1784 b c Fox Hunter, by Telemachus …
1786 ch c Apollo, by Eclipse … Sir J Webb
1787 b c Lizard, by Phœnomenon … Sir H Williamson
1791 f by Highflyer … Mr Tattersall

No. 2. Ferrett, bay mare by a Son of Old Cade – Regulus, with a colt by [Young] Marske and covered by him again..

Mr Hutton raced a (1765) b f, Ferret, by a Brother to Silvio (Tuting & Fawconer, 1769) 1769-1770; she started 7 times, winning 3 of her races, and fell lame in October 1770, after winning the first heat of her last race. Ferret does not have her own broodmare entry in GSB, but is listed among the produce of her dam, REGULUS MARE (her dam, by Lord Morton’s Arabian, out of Bay Ranger’s dam, by Mixbury). It is noted there that Ferret produced, in 1783, a ch f Silvia, by Y Marske (Mr Hutton), and, in 1786, a ch c Bolus, by ditto (Mr Baker). Her known production record should be revised to show the “colt foal at her foot” at the time of the sale. This 1782 colt appears to have been the 3 year old chesnut colt raced by “Mr” Hutton (probably James) in 1785 as Smuggler; his pedigree was given in Weatherby’s 1784 calendar (races to come) as by Young Marsk, his dam by a son of Old Cade. In 1786 he raced as Mr Atkinson’s Sharper and Gambler, and as Mr Richardson’s Sharper winning two of his five starts. Ferret’s known produce:

1782 ch c Smuggler (aft. Sharper & Gambler) by Young Marske (with No. 2) … Mr Hutton
1783 ch f Silvia, by ditto … Mr Hutton [⇒ SYLVIA, GSB p 362]
1786 ch c Bolus, by ditto … Mr Baker

No. 3. [1776] Roan mare, by Silvio – Regulus, with a colt by [Young] Marske, and covered by him again.

This is probably the SILVIO MARE of GSB. Her pedigree is given there as by Silvio, out of Bay Daphne, by Regulus - Brandy Nan, by Sedbury - dam of Hutton’s Spot. She is shown with 3 daughters, all of whom are said to have been bred by Mr Hutton, and also have broodmare entries in GSB. Her produce record in GSB should be amended to include the colt at her foot at the time of the sale. There is also an advertisement from the York Herald, 20 Sep 1806 for horses to be sold in the Doncaster Race-Week, which includes as Lot 4, a 7 year old bay mare, by Ruler, dam by Pontac; grandam sister to Baron Nile’s dam, by Young Marske; Silvio, out of Mr Hutton’s Daphne, by Regulus; the mare covered by Delpini.

1780 b f by Young Marske (Baron Nile’s dam) (No. 22) … Mr Hutton [⇒ YOUNG MARSKE MARE (GSB p 315)]
1781 b f [Hippolita?], by Amaranthus (No. 26) … Mr Hutton [⇒ AMARANTHUS MARE (GSB p226)]
1782 c by Young Marske (with No. 3) … Mr Hutton
1783 f by Young Marske (sister to Baron Nile’s dam)
… f by Pontac … Mr Hutton [⇒ PONTAC MARE (GSB p 343]

The 1780 YOUNG MARSKE MARE is entered in GSB as a broodmare with 17 foals 1786-1805; since none of these foals are credited to Mr Hutton she was probably the mare sold at the dispersal of Mr John Hutton’s horses.
The 1781 AMARANTHUS MARE is also entered in GSB with 7 foals 1788-1802, mostly for Mr T Hutchinson; she was shot in 1802.
The PONTAC MARE appears in GSB with 4 foals 1798-1804 and the note that she died in 1806; Mr James Hutton bred Gentle Kitty to Pontac to produce a foal in 1784; perhaps he also bred the SILVIO MARE to Pontac that same year.

Advertisements for Little David in Scottish newspapers (Caledonian Mercury, 24 Apr 1800; Edinburgh Advertiser, 6-9 May 1800) make the claim that his dam (a Marske mare out of the SILVIO MARE) was also Suwarrow’s dam. In fact, pedigrees published for Suwarrow illustrate Mr Weatherby’s concern about “the encreasing evil of false and inaccurate Pedigrees” (An Introduction to a General Stud-Book, 1791; Preface).

In 1799 and 1800, Pick’s calendars (Sportsman & Breeder’s Vade Mecum) gave Suwarrow’s pedigree as by Star, his dam by Young Marske; Arbitrator; Bay Ranger. However, since Arbitrator was a son of Bay Ranger, it seems likely that the Bay Ranger cross represents some confusion with Arbitrator’s pedigree. In 1800, Pick also identified Suwarrow’s grandam as Mr Hutton’s Daphne, by Regulus, and in later editions of his calendar, the Bay Ranger cross was no longer included.

As mentioned above, the Scottish advertisements, for Little David, implied that the pedigree of Suwarrow’s dam was by Young Marske; Silvio; Brandy Nan, by Sedbury; etc. This perhaps represented some confusion on the part of Little David’s proprietor, since his dam was closely related to Suwarrow’s dam – both mares were got by Young Marske, and their dams were out of Hutton’s Daphne; although the sire of one dam was Silvio, and of the other Arbitrator.

No. 4. Charlotte, [1776] bay mare, by Fitzherod, with a colt by [Young] Marske.

Charlotte raced for Mr Hutton 1779-1780 starting 7 times and winning once. In the section of races to come in Weatherby 1779, it is noted that Charlotte was “bought of Mr Dawson.” Nothing further is known about this mare, or her colt by [Young] Marske. Mr Dawson started a colt by Fitzherod (Dam by Forcet) once in 1790, and paid forfeit for his 3 other engagements.

1782 c by [Young] Marske (with No. 4) …

No. 5. Bay mare, by Bay-Ranger – Regulus. with a filly by [Young] Marske and covered by him again.

This appears to be the Bay Ranger mare mentioned in GSB under her grandam MAB (dam of Silvio and his brother, by Cade). This Bay Ranger mare is said to have been dam, in 1786, of St Thomas, by Phlegon. She probably was also dam of No. 19, a bay colt by [Young] Marske. Her produce record:

1780 b c by Young Marske (No. 19) … Mr Hutton
1782 f by Young Marske (with No. 5) … Mr Hutton
1786 br b c St Thomas, by Phlegon … Sir H G Liddell

There was evidently another Bay Ranger mare (not offered for sale herself) whose 1780 colt was included in the sales list (No. 18). Trimmer, a 1780 chesnut colt by Young Marske was advertised for sale by Messrs Tattersall in 1789 (Morning Post and Daily Advertiser, 1 Jun 1789; Issue 5037); listed in the 1794 Irish Racing Calendar (a stallion to cover in 1795) and offered for sale again in 1802 (Morning Post, 8 Jan 1802) as part of the racing stud of the late James Smith Barry, Esq. His dam’s pedigree was given as by Bay Ranger; Phantom; dam of old Marske, by Black Legs; Fox Cub; Coneyskins; Grey Barb; Royal Colt; Byerley Turk mare.

No. 6. Gentle Kitty, chestnut mare by Sylvio – Dorrimont, with a filly by [Young] Marske and covered by him again.

Mr Hutton raced a (1774) ch f, Gentle Kitty, by Silvio (Weatherby 1777) 1777-1779; she started 11 times, winning 4 of her races. She is entered in GSB as a broodmare and was first included in the edition of 1793, with her produce through 1789. Her produce record was further amended in the Supplement of 1800, in the 1803 edition, and the 1891 edition. Since she raced through 1779, she is probably not the Silvio Mare that was dam of No. 20 (a 2 year old bay colt). Her produce record in GSB should be slightly amended to include the [Young] Marske filly “at her foot” at the time of the sale. She remained in Mr James Hutton’s possession after 1782. Based on surviving ads, it appears that Mr Hutton was producing to sell his young stock, rather than for his own use.

Newcastle Chronicle. Saturday, October 18, 1788. No. 1268.
(Whose Get prove to be as speedy as those of any Horse in England, and Sire of many Capital Racers)
WILL COVER, the ensuing Season, Forty Mares, and no more, but the Owner’s, at Aldburgh, near Masham, Yorkshire, at Twenty Guineas a Mare, and a Guinea the Groom. Noblemen and Gentlemen who think proper to send their Mares, are desired to signify the Number of them to Roger Sampson at Aldburgh, near Masham.
All Demand for Covering, Grass, &c must be paid before the Mares are taken away.—Good Grass and Hay at Five Shillings a Week, and Corn if ordered.
To be SOLD, at Aldburgh near Masham, Yorkshire,
A Chesnut COLT, one Year old,
Very bony, and of good Action, got by Young Marsk out of Gentle Kitty, got by Sylvio out of Harlequin Junior’s Dam, and Col. Radcliffe’s black Colt. Gentle Kitty won a Match at Newmarket against Pizzarro (latterly called Knight Errant) and three Fifty Pound Plates, and then got lamed, and was never trained after.—The Colt Foal is disposed of.—To prevent Trouble, the Price is two Hundred Guineas.

Newcastle Chronicle, Saturday, January 11, 1794. No. 1541 TO be SOLD, at Aldburgh, near Masham, Ripon, and Bedal, BLACK PRINCE, Late Leviathan, (late the Property of Wm Robertson, Esq.) Part of the Price to be paid upon Delivery, and the Remainder at Midsummer. He will also Cover at the same Place, at Three Guineas a Mare, and a Crown the Groom—a few Country Mares at Two Guineas and a Crown; the Country Mares to be paid for before Covering.—Black Prince was got by Mungo, a Son of Old Marsk, out of Dunce`s Dam, which was got by Match-em—Snap; Oroonoko; Great Grandam Bajazet`s Sister.—Black Prince, late Leviathan, in 1791 won a Match against the Duke of Hamilton`s Hercules; and in 1792 a Match against Mr Baird`s Filly, giving her 3 lb and was matched against Mr Baker`s Freeholder, for 800gs which Mr John Maugle much approved, as he thought him a Horse of great Speed; but unfortunately setting a weak Lad on him, he got the Master of him, and would not run kindly after, or could have won both Plates at Alnwick and Hexham. He is Sixteen Hands and a Half high, and able to carry any Weight a Hunting. The Owner intends him to cover Gentle Kitty, Zarina, and a Marsk Filly, as his Blood is as good as any Horse in England.—Good Grass, Hay, and corn, if ordered. N B Black Prince is very healthy and in high Condition. To be SOLD at the same Place, A YEARLING, own Brother to Mr Radcliffe`s Mouse-Trap, and Mr Garforth`s Trimmer. Also, a very promising COLT FOAL, own Brother to the above.

GENTLE KITTY, Bred by Mr HUTTON, in 1774, got by Silvio - Dorimond - Portia, by Regulus - Hutton's Spot - Bay Bolton - Fox Cub.
1781 b f Hippolita, by Amaranthus ... Mr Hutchinson
1782 f by Young Marske (with No. 6)
1784 ch c by Pontac ... Mr Hutton
1786 ch f Catherine, by Young Marske ... Mr Baker
1787 ch c (cut) Jack Rapp (aft Mousetrap), by ditto ... Mr Hutton
1788 ch c Trimmer ( Mr Baird's Sans Culottes), by ditto ... Mr Garforth
1789 b c Hutton, by ditto ... Duke of Hamilton
1791 b c Tapioca, by ditto ... Mr Clifton
1792 b c Old England, by ditto ... Mr Boates
1793 ch c Cimon, by ditto ... Mr Lloyd
1794 ch c Conon, by ditto ... Mr Bayley
1795 b f by Young Marske ... Mr Hutton
1796 ch f by ditto (broke her thigh at 2 yo) ... Mr W Walker
1797 b f Mary, by ditto ... Mr W Hutchinson
1800 b c Adam, by Constitution ... Mr T Hutchinson
1802 c by a country stallion ... Mr J Hutton

Gentle Kitty’s produce record in GSB, should be slightly amended, adding the filly by Young Marske from the sales list, and removing Hippolita. Hippolita (raced in 1786 by Mr Hutchinson, her pedigree given as by Amaranthus, dam by Silvio) was probably No. 26 in the sales list, and the mare entered in GSB as Mr Hutchinson’s AMARANTHUS MARE, “Bred by Mr Hutton, foaled in 1781, her dam by Silvio, out of Daphne, by Regulus" (Hippolita's dam was probably No. 3 from this sales list).

No. 7. [1777] Bay mare by Arbitrator - mare by Cade (dam of Stroud’s Ranger), with filly by [Young] Marske.

The undated ARBITRATOR MARE of GSB had an undated filly by Young Marske (Suwarrow’s dam); however, the GSB mare’s dam is said to be Daphne, by Regulus - Brandy Nan, by Sedbury - Starling - Hutton’s Spot’s dam, by Surley. Unless there was an error in one of the pedigrees, the Arbitrator mare of the Hutton sale seems to have escaped entry in GSB. One of these two mares (or another yet unknown Arbitrator Mare) was dam of two foals by Carabineer: Mr Cookson’s 1785 roan colt and Sir H G Liddell’s bay filly (engaged to race in 1789). GSB identifies the Cade Mare (dam of Stroud’s Ranger) as “Bred by Mr HUTTON, her dam (Beaufremont's dam) by brother to (Bolton) Fearnought - Miss Wyndham, by Wyndham - Belgrade Turk - Old Scarboro' Mare.” Which Ranger she was dam of seems to be in question. The 1803 edition says it was Mr Stroud’s Ranger, 1761 br c by Ranger, while the 1891 edition says Ranger was Mr Strode’s 1768 ch c by Hutton’s Chesnut Ranger. Mr Stroud’s brown Ranger raced 1765-1766, starting 10 times, and winning twice; Mr Strode’s chesnut Ranger raced 1773-1775 winning several of his 15 or more starts.

1782 f by [Young] Marske (with No. 7) …

Her dam’s entry in GSB should be revised to include the two sales produce out of the Cade mare, identified as dam of Mr Stroud’s Ranger
❖ CADE MARE, Bred by Mr HUTTON, her dam (Beaufremont's dam) by brother to (Bolton) Fearnought - Miss Wyndham, by Wyndham - Belgrade Turk - Old Scarboro' Mare.
1768 ch c Ranger (Strode's) by Hutton's Chesnut Ranger ... Mr Hutton
1777 b m by Arbitrator (No. 7) ... Mr Hutton
1779 ch c by [Young] Marske (No. 16) ... Mr Hutton
1780 b f Lardella, by Y Marske ... Mr Hutton
          f by ditto … Mr Hutton [⇒ GSB p 316*]
* This mare is identified as sister to Lardella, however, her dam is given as a daughter of Young Cade.

No. 8. Grey mare, by a Son of Old Cade – Spot, with filly by [Young] Marske.

1782 f by [Young] Marske (with No. 8) … Mr Hutton [⇒ GSB p 317]

This mare appears to be the dam of the YOUNG MARSKE MARE, the earliest member of family 16 to be entered in GSB (first entered in the 1891 edition). She may have been a sister to Pensacola, a horse raced in 1774 by Mr Hutton’s brother-in-law Mr Pulleine and in 1775 and 1776 by Mr Hutton. Pensacola was a 1770 ch c, whose pedigree was given in the York Courant (No. 2544, 12 Jul 1774) as by a “Brother to Sylvio, out of a Spot Mare.” Mr Pulleine did not race very often, and it is therefore, of interest that Pick identified the dam of Mr Hutton’s Navigator (1763 ro c), Negociator (1764 ro c) and Mercator (1767 ro c) - all sons of Adolphus - as “Mr Pulleine’s old mare” (Turf Register, i, 1803; p 441). If Mr Pulleine’s “old mare,” was got by Spot, she was probably foaled between 1742 and 1751 (Hutton’s Spot had definitely dated foals between those years). And if she were also also Pensacola’s dam, her produce record might look like:

1763 ro c Navigator, by Adolphus … Mr Hutton
1764 ro c Negociator, by Adolphus … Mr Hutton
1767 ro c Mercator, by Adolphus … Mr Hutton
1770 ch c Pensacola, by Brother to Silvio … Mr Hutton

Since Silvio seems to have taken over stud duties from his brother in 1770 (first advertised that year), the Brother to Silvio mare in the Hutton sale might be dated at 1768 or 1769. The Brother to Silvio’s other definitely dated foals were in 1762 and 1765. Unfortunately no further information has been found to extend this pedigree. However, MtDNA test results to date (Oct 2012) support the long-held suspicion that family 16 is actually a branch of family 8. For one theoretical approach to the identification of this family, see The British Racehorse, Summer issue 1979 (Number 2 Volume XXXI); p 158. Cedric Borgnis, "The Source of the Agnes Family."

No. 9. Tulip, a Chesnut Mare by Sylvio - Wilson’s Arabian, covered by [Young] Marske.

Mr Hutton raced a 1772 ch m, Tulip, in 1777; her breeding was not given in the calendars. Tulip may have been the Silvio mare that was dam of

1780 b c by [Young] Marske (No. 20) …

Of the 3 Silvio mares listed for sale, the SILVIO MARE of GSB is shown to have had a filly by Young Marske in 1780, and Gentle Kitty raced through October 1779, so is unlikely to have been bred for a 1780 foal.

The fact that Tulip’s sire was Mr Hutton's Silvio, suggests that he may have bred this mare himself. There are 3 mares by Wilson's Arabian, identified as broodmares in GSB; none are obviously associated with Mr Hutton, and none are known to have had a filly by Silvio. If one of these 3 mares was Tulip’s dam, (3) seems the most likely since she produced foals for Mr Atkinson and Mr Wentworth, both of whom also raced Hutton-bred horses.

Bred by Mr HOLMES, in 1754, got by Wilson's Arabian, out of Matchem's dam, by Partner.
1762 br f by the Northumberland Brown Arabian ... Duke of Northumberland
1763 b f by Perseus ... Duke of Northumberland
1766 gr f Belinda, by Bell's Arabian ... Duke of Northumberland
1767 b c Furioso, by the Northumberland Bay Arabian ... Duke of Northumberland
*1768 b f by Jew ... Duke of Northumberland (* bred a f by Jolly Roger in 1776)
1769 ch c by ditto ... Duke of Northumberland
1770 ch c by ditto ... Duke of Northumberland

1760 b f by Wilson's Arabian (dam of Liberty, by Carr's Prince Ferdinand) ... Lord Northumberland / produce of SNIP MARE, foaled in 1748, her dam by the Godolphin Arabian - Silverlocks, by Bald Galloway - Akaster Turk.

Bred by the Duke of BOLTON, in 1755, her dam by Hutton's Spot - Mogul - Crab - sister to Sloven, by Bay Bolton.
1759 gr f by Omar ... Mr Atkinson
1761 ch f by Shakespeare ... Mr Atkinson
1764 gr c by Young Cade ... Mr Atkinson
1766 ch f by Old England ... Mr Atkinson
1767 gr c by a son of Snap ... Mr Atkinson
1768 gr f by Engineer ... Mr Atkinson
1770 g r f by ditto (dam of a f by Chatsworth) ... Mr Wentworth
1771 gr f by ditto ... Mr Atkinson

No. 10. Bay mare, by Dormouse – Regulus, covered by [Young] Marske.

This mare is probably the 1763 br f by Hutton’s son of Dormouse listed in GSB under her dam, VIXEN, by Regulus.

Mr Hutton was associated with at least two horses called Dormouse; his (1767) black colt Dormouse raced 1771-1773; this horse could not have sired a filly in 1763. Mr Hutton also advertised Dormouse to cover in 1774. It is possible that this is the same horse which previously belonged to his kinsman, Mr William Wanley, Esq; of Eyford. This son of Dormouse was described as a well-bred son of Dormouse, and brother to H R H the Duke’s Dorimond, bred by the late Lord Chedworth. He was advertised to cover at Eyford in Gloucestershire from 1758 through 1762 and referred to as Mr Wanley’s Stallion in 1762. After Mr Wanley’s death in 1762, the horse was advertised to cover near Richmond. This son of Dormouse was a brown bay horse foaled in 1755, and his dam was by Whitefoot, out of Silverlocks, by the Bald Galloway. This Dormouse mare was probably the dam of

1781 ch c by Fitzherod (No. 21) …

No. 11. [1776] Bay mare, by Chatsworth - Old Cade; covered by [Young] Marske.

This mare has not been identified and appears to not have not been entered in GSB; she was probably the produce of one of Mr Hutton’s mares by Cade. Since Cade died in 1756, by the time of the sale, his youngest get would have been 26. Nevertheless, it looks as if Mr Hutton had one or two Cade mares until as late as 1780. Six of the horses listed for sale were out of a mare or mare(s) by Cade; the dam of two was identified as also dam of Stroud’s Ranger.

Produce of the Cade mare NOT identified as dam of Stroud’s Ranger were

1774 b c Valentine, by Chesnut Ranger (No. 30) [raced 1778-1780]
1776 b m by Chatsworth (No. 11)
1778 b f by Young Marske (No. 13)
1780 b f by Young Marske (No. 24)

This mare has not been identified. Known Cade mares of Hutton bloodlines are:
(1) a mare, dam, in 1753, of Marcellus, by Shock her dam by Hutton’s Blacklegs; Bay Bolton; Coneyskins; Grey Barb; Byerley Turk; Bustler
(2) a mare, dam, in 1758, of Hazard, by Tartar; called “sister to Phoenix” her dam by Hutton’s Blacklegs
(3) a bay filly sold in 1754 as a yearling with her dam to Lord Rockingham her dam Marske’s dam, by Hutton’s Blacklegs; Fox Cub; Coneyskins; Hutton’s Grey Barb; Hutton’s Royal Colt; Byerley Turk; Bustler
(4) a 1756 bay mare advertised for sale in 1764 by William Crowther, junior at Richmond her dam an own sister to Hutton’s Careless [by Hutton’s Spot; Fox Cub; Coneyskins; Hutton’s Grey Barb; Hutton’s Royal Colt; Byerley Turk; Bustler]
(5) a mare, dam, in 1768, of Mr Jolliff’s b c by Chesnut Ranger and probably his bay or chesnut colt by Hutton’s Ranger
(6) a mare, dam of Stroud’s Ranger, etc her dam Beaufremont's dam by brother to (Bolton) Fearnought; Miss Wyndham, by Wyndham; Belgrade Turk; Old Scarboro' Mare.

In addition, Mr Hutton bred MAB to Cade at least twice producing, in 1754, his Silvio, as well as the brother to Silvio. He also bred Cademus, a 1753 bay horse, out of a mare by Fletcher’s Arabian; Fox Cub; Bay Bolton; Coneyskins; Hutton’s Grey Barb; Byerley Turk; Bustler.

No. 12. Lardella, a grey mare, covered by [Young] Marske.

This mare appears to have started life as the Duke of Bolton’s grey filly “sister to Cobscar [by Bell’s Arabian].” She ran for him once in 1775, finishing second of two in a Sweepstakes for 3 years old. She re-appeared the next year as Mr Pierse’s grey filly Lardella starting twice for him without winning. In October 1776, she started twice for Mr Hutton (probably James, since “Lardello” was included in the list of horses turned over by James to his brother John in January 1777). In August Mr Hutton’s grey mare Lardella, by Bell’s Arabian won £50 for 5 year olds, beating one other. If correctly identified, her dam was COUNTESS, bred by Lord A BERTIE, in 1760, got by Blank – Rib – Wynn Arabian – Governor; Countess was also dam of Delpini. Lardella was dam of

1780 ro f by Negotiator (No. 25) …

Colts, Fillies and Stallions

No. 13. [1778] Bay filly, by [Young] Marske - Old Cade.

This filly appears to have been raced by one or both of the Hutton brothers.

4 Sep 1781, Richmond Mr Hutton’s “bay filly by Young Marsk, out of a Cade mare” (Weatherby 1780) ran 3 of 4 in a Sweepstakes for 3 year old fillies (Weatherby 1781) 16 Jul 1782, Durham, Mr [James, index] Hutton’s bay filly by Young Marsk ran 3 of 4 (3rd in both heats) for £50 for 4 year olds, given by the Members for the County (Weatherby 1782)

No. 14. [1778] Bay colt, four Years old, by [Young] Marske - Regulus.

Mr James Hutton raced a 1778 bay colt by Young Marsk once in 1782; Mr John Hutton raced Careless, a 1778 bay colt in 1782, starting 3 times without winning; he/they may have been the same as the colt offered for sale, but the dam wasn't identified in either case.

No Regulus mares were included in the Hutton sales list. In addition to No. 14, No. 17 and No. 24 have not been found in other records, so their dam(s) are unidentified.

No. 17. [1780] Bay colt, by [Young] Marske - Regulus. No further information.

No. 24. [1780] Bay filly, by [Young] Marske - Old Cade. No further information.

No. 27. [1781] Grey filly, by Papist - Regulus. No further information.

There are 7 Regulus Mares entered in GSB as bred by Mr Hutton:

(1) VIXEN (1753), her dam by Hutton’s Spot - Bay Bolton - Fox Cub - Coneyskins, etc. She raced for Mr Hutton 1757-1758; her early foals are credited to Mr Hutton; she became Mr King’s about 1767.

(2) Portia (1758), sister to Vixen. She raced for Mr Hutton 1762-1764, and had her only known foal the DORIMOND MARE between 1765 and 1770. In a letter dated 17 May 1767, a cousin of Mr Hutton’s said “I am sorry that you lost a Regulus mare" (ZAZ81, North Yorkshire Archives); perhaps the mare in question was Portia.

(3) JULIA (sister to Hutton’s Brisk) (1759). She raced for Mr Hutton in 1763; and had 2 known foals for Mr St Leger Douglas in 1776 and 1778.

(4) (Bay) DAPHNE (1756), her dam Brandy Nan, by Sedbury - Starling - dam of Hutton’s Spot, etc. Daphne, a bay mare, raced for Mr Hutton 1760-1762, starting 6 times, and winning her first 2 races. GSB shows her as dam of a mare by Silvio (probably No. 3, foaled 1776) and an undated mare by Arbitrator. She would have been 25 years old by 1781.

(5) Ferret’s dam, her dam by Lord Morton’s Arabian - Bay Ranger’s dam, by Mixbury, etc. Her known produce were Ferret in 1765 and the NORTHUMBERLAND ARABIAN MARE in 1769. Given the relatively early dates of these 2 foals, it seems unlikely that she was still in the Hutton Stud as late as 1778-1781.

(6) Friendly’s dam (out of a sister to Hutton’s Old Careless, by Hutton’s Spot). This mare was dam of Friendly in 1768 (given by Mr Hutton to William Tuffnell Jolliff, according to Pick, Turf Register, ii, 1805), and an undated Engineer Mare (dam of Mr Jolliff’s 1780 ch c by Herod). Given the relatively early date of Friendly, it also seems unlikely that this mare was still in the Hutton Stud 1778-1781.

(7) Regulus Mare, her dam MAB (1742); this mare was dam of a Bay Ranger Mare (probably No. 5 of the Hutton sales list).

Of the known Hutton-bred Regulus mares, it seems most likely that the 3 foals 1778-1781 were produced by (Bay) Daphne and/or Mab’s daughter by Regulus.

No. 28. Papist, a Stallion, by Old Match'em, out of a natural Barb Mare. Papist is entered in GSB, but his pedigree appears to be in error, where he is shown as 1768 gr c produce of Lord Orford’s Grey ARABIAN MARE, and got by Snap.

Lord Orford’s Papist, only appeared in the calendars in 1772, when he forfeited a Match race in the September meeting, Newmarket - no pedigree was given.

In 1774 and 1775 (Fawconer, Weatherby) Mr Shirley raced Papist, [1768] a grey horse by Match'em, winning the King's 100 Guineas at Canterbury in July 1774; he also raced in 1776 (as Mr Hanger's), got by Match'em.

Pick, Turf Register, ii, 1805; p282: says Papist (gr h, 1768), was bred by the Earl of ORFORD, and sold to the Hon GEORGE SHIRLEY; got by Match'em, out of an Arabian Mare. He raced 1774-1775 for Mr Shirley; in 1776 in Mr G Hanger's name. In 1777, he was a Stallion in Lord Surrey's Stud, at Greystock, Cumberland: he had 10 mares which produced 9 foals. In 1778, he ran at York as STEADY. In 1779 covered at Pocklington, Yorkshire. "He covered very few well-bred Mares, but was sire of several good Hunters and Road Horses."

The confusion may arise from the fact that Lord Orford seems to have had both a (grey) Arabian mare and a mare he bred himself by his own Barb, out of the grandam of Firetail); this second mare was entered in GSB as ORFORD-BARB MARE, and may have been known in contemporary records simply as a Barb Mare (in an advertisement in Weatherby 1784, Mr Tattersall had for sale: “22 A Black Mare, got by Snap, out of a Barb Mare, which was the dam of Piper, Houghton, Conjuror, Spitfire, &c / In foal to Highflyer.”). Both mares were used as broodmares, and the lists of their produce have changed somewhat through the various editions of GSB. Since the sale pedigree of Papist calls his dam a “natural” Barb Mare, and he was grey, got by a non-grey sire, it seems likely that his dam was actually the mare entered in GSB as Lord Orford’s (grey) ARABIAN MARE. Possibly Sir C Bunbury’s (1769) HUMDRUM, by Matchem, out of an Arabian Mare (GSB), should also be included as produce of this mare.

No. 29. Slapdash, a Stallion, by Lot - Rib - Regulus - Black-Eyes, by Old Crab, bred by the noted Mr Routh - Old Snake - Bald Galloway - Lord Carlisle's Turk - Old Hautboy. This horse was probably one of the two unnamed colts of Mr Vernon’s (1769 ch; 1770 gr), produce of the RIB MARE, bred by Mr STANHOPE, her dam by Regulus, out of Black-eyes, by Crab.


From what has been gleaned from the sale advertisement, it is clear a number of animals were not recorded in GSB and produce records were incomplete. It is unfortunate that the records of the Marske stud were not submitted for inclusion in GSB. Perhaps the identity of the sister to Stripling by Hutton's Spot would have been divulged and the mystery of which maternal family she belonged to solved.


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