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The purpose of the genealogical charts presented on this site is to show, in an easily-understood graphical format, family relationships among persons known to have bred or owned racehorses. A knowledge of such relationships can be useful in tracing transfers of horse ownership between different people, and it often serves to explain how they came to possess animals of similar bloodlines. Sometimes it can even help to identify specific horses in pedigrees, especially in conjunction with examining the entire group of horses in the hands of the same human family.

The charts have been designed to be readable without excessive scrolling and to be printable on only one sheet of paper. Given these constraints, it has not always been possible to fully illustrate complex relationships within a single chart. Hence a decision was made to include key individuals in more than one chart. It is recommended, therefore, that readers especially interested in a particular family should consult each of the pertinent charts whenever more than one chart is cited in the Index of Surnames.

It is important to recognize that these charts do not depict a family’s complete genealogical record. While a few family members have been duplicated in multiple charts, many other members of the same family have been omitted altogether. Emphasis has consistently been placed on individuals connected to horse racing, particularly in the 18th century. No attempt has been made to trace any family’s descendants to modern times.

While diligence has been exercised in order to make the charts as factually accurate as possible, it would be unsafe to place uncritical trust in them. Genealogy is a complicated and difficult pursuit – too much so for us to feel absolutely certain of every detail. There were, for example, three different Sedley baronetcies, including five individual baronets named Charles, of which at least two were contemporaries, so no reference of a “Sir Charles Sedley” can be taken at face value without reference to dates, places and context. If an apparent error should be discovered, we will appreciate having it called to our attention (see the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page). We will attempt to verify the information and then make any justifiable correction. We will not, however, restore known errors simply for the sake of agreement with another published account.


Enormous gratitude must be expressed to Leigh Rayment, whose Peerage site has been an invaluable resource and whose personal assistance has been so generously extended. Debts of gratitude are also owed to the Stirnet and Genuki genealogy sites. The History of Parliament is to be commended for undertaking the publication of what we have come to call “the lovely Commons books”, and, of course, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography remains an indispensable tool. Kind assistance has been received from staff at various County Record Offices and libraries, most of which have been located and contacted through the marvelous facility of the Access to Archives program. Several authors, historians, and professors of history or literature have contributed useful information. Among these, special mention is merited by the following for their cooperative spirit, encouragement and extraordinary cheerfulness: Andrew Barclay, Marjorie Bloy, Jeremy James, Maureen Mulvihill, Richard Nash, and Roy Sherwood.
1. Index of Genealogical Charts

Principal Surname

Additional Surnames Included



Burdett, Cokayne, Gresley, Harpur, Warren
Cavendish Bassett, Bentinck, Cavendish-Bentinck, Godolphin, Harley, Holles, Lucas, Manners, Noel, Pelham, Pelham-Holles, Pierrepont, Stanhope
Dutton Amyand, Coke, Cornewall, Naper, Newton, Osborne, Reade, Roberts, Wyvill
Newton Archer, Bertie, Bright, Coke, Coningsby, Eyre, Heveningham, Osborne, Roberts, Warton, Wharton, Wyvill
Ramsden Beaumont, Bright, Butler, Frescheville, Lowther, Norton, Palmes, Paulet (Powlett), Pilkington, Savile, Thynne, Watson-Wentworth, Wilkinson, Wood
Warton Bethell, Bright, Curwen, Newton, Pelham, Pennyman
2. Index of Surnames Included in Charts



Amyand Dutton
Archer Newton
Bassett Cavendish
Bertie Newton
Beaumont Ramsden
Bentinck Cavendish
Bethell Warton
Borlase Borlase
Burdett Borlase
Bright Newton, Warton, Ramsden
Butler Ramsden
Cavendish Cavendish
Cavendish-Bentinck Cavendish
Cokayne Borlase
Coke Dutton, Newton
Coningsby Newton
Cornewall Dutton
Curwen Warton
Dutton Dutton
Eyre Newton
Frescheville Ramsden
Godolphin Cavendish
Gresley Borlase
Harley Cavendish
Harpur Borlase
Holles Cavendish
Heveningham Newton



Lowther Ramsden
Lucas Cavendish
Manners Cavendish
Naper Dutton
Newton Dutton, Newton, Warton
Noel Cavendish
Norton Ramsden
Osborne Dutton, Newton
Palmes Ramsden
Paulet (Powlett) Ramsden
Pelham Warton, Cavendish
Pelham-Holles Cavendish
Pennyman Warton
Pierrepont Cavendish
Pilkington Ramsden
Ramsden Ramsden
Reade Dutton
Roberts Dutton
Savile Ramsden
Stanhope Cavendish
Thynne Ramsden
Warren Borlase
Warton Newton, Warton
Watson-Wentworth Ramsden
Wharton Newton
Wilkinson Ramsden
Wood Ramsden
Wyvill Dutton, Newton
Sandra K. Snider

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Family Numbers    Sire Lines    Breeders    As It Were    Genealogy
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