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Knight of St George (IRE)

Knight of St George



Sire Line




Knight of St George b c 1851 (Birdcatcher - Maltese, by Hetman Platoff). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 26.

Knight of St George was bred in Ireland by Mr William Disney, who also owned his sire Birdcatcher (ch c 1833 Sir Hercules). Due to his intractable nature, he was disposed of to Mr St George after losing the Waterford Stakes in 1853. After winning the National Produce Stakes for Mr St George, he bolted off the course in his final race of this season and was sold to Mr J B "Jolly" Morris, a popular bookmaker, who also owned Kingston (b c 1849 Venison).

He was described as being just fifteen hands when he won the St Leger, although he later grew to fifteen hands two inches, and was said to a be fine horse who left a beautiful and larger version of himself in Knight of St Patrick (b c 1858). A rich dark bay with no markings, he had great length with a notable depth of girth. His temper was considered unreliable and, despite his talent, he was thought a very difficult horse to ride, requiring much tact and persuasion in the face of his unresponsiveness to whip and spur.

In the stud of Brownlow Cecil, 2nd Marquis of Exeter, who also owned Stockwell (ch c 1849 The Baron), he got the esteemed Knight of St Patrick, from Pocahontas (b f 1837 Glencoe*). Knight of St George covered the Marquis's own mares for two years, then was sent to the Rawcliffe Stud in 1859, with the intention of replacing The Flying Dutchman (br c 1846 Bay Middleton), however, he went to America instead.

Purchased for $7,000 in the spring of 1859, he was imported by A Keene Richards and stood at his Blue Grass Park stud in Georgetown, Kentucky, which had also been home to Glencoe* (ch c 1831 Sultan) in his later years. Richards had imported Emilia* (b f 1840 Emilius) with her colt Millington*, later named Australian (ch c 1858 West Australian), and owned War Dance (ch c 1859 Lexington) as well.

While his arrival in Kentucky was too late for a regular season in 1859, Knight of St George stood full seasons at Georgetown in 1860 and 1861, after which he was removed to Texas to avoid capture by advancing armies during the Civil War. He returned to Georgetown in the fall of 1865.

Although the Marquis of Exeter later attempted to repurchase Knight of St George, Keene Richards, since he understood the merit of the Birdcatcher-Glencoe cross which had produced the great Stockwell (ch c 1849 The Baron), declined to sell.

Knight of St George Birdcatcher Sir Hercules Whalebone
Guiccioli Bob Booty
Maltese Hetman Platoff Brutandorf
Comus Mare
Water Witch Sir Hercules
Mary Anne
Race Record
At 2: all at the Curragh, won the National Produce Stakes, beating Mr Disney's Gamekeeper (br c Tearaway), Mr George Price's Tom (ch c Birdcatcher), Mr H Hill's Doctor O'Toole (ch c Birdcatcher) and three others, 2nd in the 170 Waterford Stakes, won by Mr Copperthwaite's The Early Bird (b c Birdcatcher), beating four others, unplaced for the 620 Railway Stakes, won by Mr Whaley's Ariadne (b f Birdcatcher), unplaced in the Paget Stakes, due to bolting, won by Rinaldo (ch g Tearaway).
At 3: won a 340 Handicap Plate at Newcastle on Tyne, beating Mr Harrison's Revolver (b c Melbourne), Sir C Monck's Vindex (br c 1850 Touchstone), Mr Murland's Ammonia (br f The Ugly Buck), and ten others, won the 542 County Stakes at Worcester, beating Mr Rowdon's Little David (br c Young Priam), Mr Shepherd's Aribbas (ch c Pyrrhus the First), and thirteen others, won the 3850 Great St Leger at Doncaster, beating Lord Zetland's Ivan (b c 1851 Van Tromp), Mr Peck's Arthur Wellesley (b c 1851 Melbourne), Mr Pedley's Scythian (b c 1851 Orlando) and fourteen others, won a 50 purse at Newmarket October, beating Mr Barber's Domino and Mr Greville's Adine, 2nd in the Croxeth Stakes at Liverpool, won by Baron Rothschild's Orestes (b c Charlton), 2nd in the Chesterfield Cup at Goodwood, won by Cat's Paw, 4th in the Bentinck Handicap at Liverpool, won by Mr Shepherd's Arribas, unplaced in the Derby at Epsom, won by Andover (b c 1851 Bay Middleton).
Notable Offspring
Ada (b f 1860), 2nd dam of St Kieran (b c 1886 Arbitrator), winner of the Angelsey, National Produce and Railway Stakes, and 4th dam of Americus Girl (ch f 1905 Americus), winner of the National Produce Stakes and ancestress of such horses as Nasrullah (b c 1940 Nearco) and Mahmoud (gr c 1933 Blenheim).
Bonnie Kate (b f 1868), 2nd dam of Monmouth Handicap winner Tea Tray (ch c 1885 Rayon d'Or*), and ancestress of Dewhurst Stakes winner Prince Galahad (ch c 1917 Prince Palatine*).
Brenna (b f 1861), 2nd dam of The Bard (b c 1883 Longfellow), winner of the Preakness Stakes, Brooklyn Handicap and Dixie Handicap.
Edina (ch f 1862), 3rd dam of Kentucky Derby winner Kingman (b c 1888 Glengarry*), and 3rd dam of Belmont Stakes winner Bowling Brook* (b c 1895 Ayrshire).
Eliza Davis (b f 1862), 2nd dam of the useful stallion Eon (b c 1886 Eolus), and 3rd dam of the Preakness winner Knight of Ellerslie (b c 1881 Eolus).
Georgia Wood (ch f 1861), 3rd dam of Long Dance (b c 1886 Longfellow), winner of the Travers Stakes and Miller Stakes, Riley (b c 1887 Longfellow), winner of the Kentucky Derby, and Sunny Slope (ch f 1894 Esher*), winner of the Autumn Maiden Stakes.
Jenny H. (ch f 1861), dam of Young America Stakes winner Toledo (br c 1876 Asteroid).
Keno (ch f), 2nd dam of Belle of Runnymede (b f 1879 Billet*), winner of the Alabama Stakes, and of Miss Woodford (br f 1880 Billet*), winner of the Spinaway Stakes, Alabama Stakes, Ladies Handicap, Monmouth Oaks, Hunter Handicap and Mermaid Stakes. Miss Woodford won thirty-seven races and over $100,000. She was unplaced only twice in forty-eight starts. Her son George Kessler (ch c 1894 Salvator) won the Great American Stakes, Hudson Stakes and Daisy Stakes.
Knight of St George Mare (f 1861), 2nd dam of Champagne Charlie (b c 1886 Prince Charlie*), winner of the Bluegrass, and Dash Stakes, and 2nd dam of Tristan (b c 1885 Glenelg*), winner of the Metropolitan Handicap.
Knight of St Patrick (b c 1858), sire of the Two Thousand Guineas winner Moslem (b c 1865).
Melbourne Jr (b c 1860), sire of Bazil (b c 1874), winner of the Jerome Handicap and the Miller, and Annual Stakes, Grit (b c 1873), winner of the Carolina, and Ten Broeck Stakes, and Milan (b c 1875), winner of the Young American, and Tennessee Stakes.
Mishap (b f 1861), 2nd dam of the Falls City Handicap winner Chance (ch c 1881 War Dance), and Reckon (ch f 1888 Pizarro), winner of the Hopeful, Colleen, and September Stakes and the Monmouth Handicap. Mishap was also the 2nd dam of the Nursery Handicap winner Hopeful (b c 1882 Glenelg*).
Mollie Fisher (br f 1862), 2nd dam of Hyde Park Stakes winner Banfox (b c 1883 King Ban*), and of his brother King Fox (b c 1884 King Ban*), winner of the Flatbush, Great Eclipse, and Kentucky Stakes and the Great Eastern Handicap. Mollie Fisher was also the 2nd dam of the Belle Meade, and Jackson Stakes winner Lost Cause (ch c 1879 King Alfonso).
Mollie Hambleton (b f 1862), 2nd dam of the Cincinnati Hotel Handicap winner Kirklin (b c 1883 King Ban*), and 2nd dam of the Dixie Stakes and Hunter Handicap winner East Lynne (ch f 1882 Springbok).
Optima (b f 1862), dam of Ashland Oaks winner Peru (b f 1876 Glengarry*), the latter the dam of the Brooklyn Handicap winner Dry Monopole (b c 1883 Glenelg*).
Saratoga (b f 1862), winner of the Saratoga Stakes.
Sister of Charity (ch f 1867), 2nd dam of Tidal Stakes winner Pardee (ch c 1882 Alarm), Sapling Stakes winner Devotee (b c 1887 Alarm) and Quickstep Stakes winner Bashford (ch c 1889 Woodlands*).
Sue Ryder (b f 1869), winner of the Kentucky Stakes.
Vinnie Reame (b f 1862), 2nd dam of the United States Hotel Stakes winner Frankie B. (b c 1879 Monarchist).

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