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Chelandry (GB)


Sire Line

Bend Or

Notable Descendants

Popingaol (Dark Ronald-Popinjay)

Book Law (Buchan-Popingaol)
1927 St Leger Stakes

Ocean Swell (Blue Peter-Jiffy)
1944 Derby, JC Cup, Ascot Gold Cup

Never Say Die (Nasrullah-Singing Grass)
1954 Derby, St Leger Stakes

Magpie (Dark Ronald-Popinjay)
1929 Champion Sire in Australia

Chelandry b f 1894 (Goldfinch - Illuminata, by Rosicrucian). Sire Line Bend Or. Family 1-n.

Bred at Mentomore by Archibald Philip Primrose (1847-1929), 5th Earl Rosebery and Prime Minister of England, Chelandry was a half sister to the Two Thousand Guineas and Derby Stakes winner Ladas (b c 1891 Hampton).

Ulbrich describes her as "a sweet tempered mare" who was held in both affection and regard by those who knew her. Leicester calls her "one of the great tap roots of modern bloodstock the world over." In the stud she produced sixteen consecutive foals, among them the Two Thousand Guineas winner Neil Gow (ch c 1907 Marco), the July Stakes winner Traquair (ch c 1904 Ayrshire), the Cheveley Park Stakes winner Skyscraper (ch f 1900 Ayrshire), and the Molecomb Stakes winner Perdiccas (ch c 1906 Persimmon) who was later sent to Russia.

Chelandry died in 1917. She heads her own branch of Family 1, tracing to Tregonwell's Natural Barb Mare.

Chelandry Goldfinch Ormonde Bend Or
Lily Agnes
Thistle Scottish Chief
The Flower Safety
Illuminata Rosicrucian Beadsman
Madame Eglantine
Paraffin Blair Athol
Race Record
Chelandry won four of her six juvenile starts, including the Woodcote Stakes, the Great Surrey Foal Stakes, the National Breeders' Produce Stakes, and the Imperial Produce Stakes. From five starts at three she won the One Thousand Guineas Stakes and placed second in both the Oaks Stakes at Epsom and the St Leger Stakes at Doncaster. She made four starts as a four year old but failed to win.
Notable Descendants
Some of her illustrious descendants are the One Thousand Guineas and Oaks winner Saucy Sue (br f 1922 Swynford), Oaks winner Pogrom (b f 1919 Lemberg), St Leger winner Book Law (b f 1924 Buchan), notable Australian stallion Magpie (bl c 1914 Dark Ronald), Two Thousand Guineas winner Pay Up (br c 1933 Fairway), Derby Italiano winner and leading Italian sire Traghetto (ch c 1942 Cavaliere d'Arpino), champion French two year old Clarion (b c 1944 Djebel), Derby and Ascot Gold Cup winner Ocean Swell (b c 1941 Blue Peter), Kentucky Derby winner Tomy Lee (b c 1956 Tudor Minstrel) and legendary Australian stallion Heroic (ch c 1921 Valais).
Champions tracing to Chelandry include Derby and St Leger winner Never Say Die (ch c 1951 Nasrullah), Kentucky Derby winner Genuine Risk (ch f 1977 Exclusive Native), Irish and Italian Oaks winner Melodist (b f 1985 The Minstrel), One Thousand Guineas and Oaks winner Galatea (br f 1936 Dark Legend), Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes winner Swale (bbr c 1981 Seattle Slew), Two Thousand Guineas winner Shadeed (b c 1982 Nijinsky), Travers Stakes winner Forty Niner (ch c 1985 Mr Prospector) and Futurity Stakes winner St James (b c 1921 Ambassador).
Produce Record
1900 ch f Skyscraper, by Velasquez or Ayrshire Lord Rosebery
1901 b f Chelys, by Sir Visto Lord Rosebery
1902 b f Samphire, by Isinglass Lord Rosebery
1903 b c Pomander, by Persimmon Lord Rosebery
1904 ch c Traquair, by Ayrshire Lord Rosebery
1905 br f Popinjay, by St Frusquin Lord Rosebery
1906 ch c Perdiccas, by Persimmon Lord Rosebery
1907 ch c Neil Gow, by Marco Lord Rosebery
1908 b f Martial Note, by Carbine Lord Rosebery
1909 b f Yippingale, by William the Third Lord Rosebery
1910 ch c Chastelard, by Bachelor's Button Lord Rosebery
1911 bl c Soulouque, by Marco Lord Rosebery
1912 b f Dark Flight, by Dark Ronald Lord Rosebery
1913 b f Bobolink, by Willonyx Lord Rosebery
1914 br f Pennula, by Sunstar Lord Rosebery
1915 b f Chersonese, by Cylgad Lord Rosebery
1916   barren to Junior Lord Rosebery
1917 c dead, by Junior Lord Rosebery
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